I’m Cheryl Nankoo, an NLP Trainer and Executive coach. My work includes workshops with teams and 1-1 coaching. I have worked with over a hundred people from all walks of life including senior executives, board members, sales professionals, elite athletes and body builders. The aim of my sessions is to give people the mindset for success, to help them have more of what they want in their life and less of what they don’t want.

For over 20 years I have worked as a sales professional helping many organisations from large blue chip companies to start ups to grow their business. I have mainly worked in male dominated environments where I have had to overcome many challenges where I experienced discrimination not only for my sex but also my age and colour. Passionate about health and fitness, I am a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer and Nutrition Adviser.

My NLP experience coupled with my background led me to develop the 3 courses: NLP for sales, NLP for Health & Fitness and NLP for Women Empowerment. I also offer an NLP Diploma course which is certified by one of the pioneers in NLP, Sue Knight.  All profits from my NLP work are donated to SOS Children’s Villages .

I love travelling the world and experiencing new cultures. In the last couple of years I have found a real love for India and a deeper connection with my native country, Mauritius.

I look forward to meeting you on one of my courses and I hope you find some inspiration from my site.

My Purpose

My purpose is to develop people and organisations to make the world a better place. I am here to motivate and inspire others by being a good role model.

My Values

Values are not just a list for the sake of having values. I believe in actually living out our values. The values that are important to me and that I promote in my work are: trust, integrity, continuous learning, commitment, honesty, flexibility, fun and love.

My working style

I operate from a physiology and psychology of excellence -with a Positive Mental Attitude. I am:

      • Passionate about what I do
      • Focused on my clients, paying full attention to them
      • Open to feedback
      • Committed to supporting my clients even after workshops
      • Flexible to change depending on what I observe
      • Always taking 100% responsibility for my results
      • Fun – so be prepared to laugh