Acting As If

What's Holding You Back Seat Belt Reminder Sign

There is a really simple tool that has proven to be very effective for some people who have limiting beliefs, called “Acting As If”. Limiting beliefs are things that hold us back in life from releasing our true potential. They are beliefs that we have about ourselves that are not true, they are simply beliefs. For example thoughts like “I can’t do this”, “I won’t be able to no matter what”

There are many ways to deal with limiting beliefs and “Acting As If” is one that is so simple yet very poweerful even if you are 100% sold on tour limiting belief.

Here’s a quick 3 step guide to the “Acting As If” process.

  1. Identify the limiting belief that is holding you back. For example, when giving presentations, you might have the thought “I don’t feel confident” This then increases anxiety and decreases the ability to give a good presentation, and may even effect how you prepare.
  2. Identify all of the behaviours you would have if you believed the exact opposite of that thought. For example if you’re confident giving presentations you will be making eye contact, engaging the audience, having a good posture, smiling. Think about people you know who are confident presenting and add to the list the behaviours they have.
  3. Rehearse the behaviours. Practice the behaviours with friends, family, in the mirror etc until you can do them naturally. Keep rehearsing over and over again,

That’s it, how to use the “Acting As if” process in 3 simple steps. Most people find that using this regularly, they start to disbelieve the limiting belief. Having several experiences of success is a great way to undue the assumption that you will always fail.  And after a while, there’s no “acting” necessary.


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