Snack Amnesia


VB-700x400So many people in the workplace snack more than they claim to. I see it all the time, the odd biscuit, the handful of jelly beans, the bag of crisps, creamy coffee’s with added sugar etc.

If you can’t remember all the food that you have eaten in one day (or perhaps you’re just in denial) then it’s likely that you have “Snack Amnesia”

Women’s Fitness Magazine asked me for 5 tips on how to avoid snacking on all the bad stuff during the day as it’s so easily done! These are my tips:

  1. Take control and plan healthy snacks into your day (e.g. mid morning and mid afternoon) so that you snack responsibly. Remove temptation by only keeping healthy snacks within reach e.g. raw nuts that are packed with nutrients.
  1. Do not skip meals! Make sure you eat a healthy breakfast as well as lunch and dinner. If you skip meals you’re more likely to snack on rubbish.
  2. Make the right choices. When you feel that you’re about to reach for the crisps just stop and ask yourself “am I hungry, thirsty or bored?” then choose to have a glass of water or distract yourself with something else
  3. Use a food diary like My Fitness Pal to record your daily food intake and be honest! You’ll soon realise how many bad calories are in those chocolate bars, crisps and sweets
  1. Reward yourself. At the end of the week treat yourself to your favorite naughty snack (just one!) so that you don’t feel deprived and you are likely to enjoy it a lot more that if you were eating it everyday.

Do you have any additional tips that have worked for you?



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