Health & Fitness Coaching

Getting fit starts with a fit mind. It’s not just about a gym routine or a 12 week intense personal training regime.

Do you hear yourself saying:

“I’ll start exercising when I’ve met my deadline….”
“Eating healthily seems impossible when I’m staying in a hotel”
“I have no energy when I get home from work”
“I don’t have time for exercise”

Do you keep making plans to keep fit and never stick to them?  Do you need more motivation to keep fit? Would you like to get more enjoyment out of your training?

Through one-to-one sessions you can overcome all these issues and adapt a healthier and fitter lifestyle. Whether you just need help to get motivated to keep fit, support preparing for a sports event or help with nutrition, help is at hand. 

Here are some ways in which you will benefit:

  • Setting clear and achievable goals
  • Developing the motivation and self-discipline to follow through on those goals.
  • Having tools with which to break old habits and set new healthy ones e.g. if there are any foods you like that you wish to dislike or simply learning how to develop a healthy eating lifestyle
  • Removing limiting beliefs
  • Appreciating and acknowledging your progress and building self-esteem
  • Tools and techniques for staying focussed

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