Take control of your life workshop

Being in control of our life is a key element to enjoying what we do. Only when we are in clear about what we want and are healthy and happy that we can describe ourselves as being in control.

We are often too stressed, busy, confused and disorganised to even believe that we can achieve the goals we only dream about. Or we focus too much on what we don’t want and not on what we really DO want.

Think about it, when is the last time you reviewed your career goals? Are you doing what YOU want in life or what is expected of you from work colleagues, family, friends?

The “Take control of your life” Workshop has been designed specifically for those who wish to:

  • Regain control of their lives
  • Have a positive mind
  • Have clear goals and ambitions
  • Find their dream job
  • Improve their health
 & fitness
  • Create a perfect work/life balance
  • Improve relationships

This half day workshop will help with:

  • Identifying where you are in your life right now, what you are happy with and what you would like to bring back into balance
  • The mindset for success, giving you the foundations for avoiding the mistakes most people make and leading to life-long success
  • The law of attraction and how to have a positive mental attitude
  • Analysing  a minimum of two key areas of your life that you want to improve so that you know what you truly want, and setting goals so that you can achieve it
  • Identifying and challenging beliefs that prevent you from achieving your goals
  • Tips on visualisation of your goals

TBC – flexible

$99 USD per person (all profits are donated to SOS Children’s Villages)
To book contact cheryl@thenankoo.com