Introduction to NLP

This is great course for anyone that is curious about what NLP is. The best way to learn is to experience and this course is designed in a very experiential way.

NLP teaches you how to manage your thoughts and really take control of your life. It’s like being given the manual for your mind.

People encourage you to “think positive” “stay calm” “be confident” – NLP is more than this, it teaches you HOW to achieve these results.

It’s based on the amazing discovery that in changing how you think can change what you think – and in changing how and what you think, you can dramatically transform the results you create in your life.

The programme is interactive, experiential and flexible to allow you to achieve the goals that are important to you personally. You can expect to learn skills and thinking that will enhance the way that you manage yourself as well as others, the way you communicate, influence, negotiate, manage change and throughout all of this the way that you coach yourself and others. Expect to have some fun too

This 3 day course will help you to:

  • Improve all your relationships and build better quality ones
  • Create a mindset for success/excellence that supports you to learn from all your life
  • Become a more fluent and flexible communicator to enhance understanding and interest
  • Motivate yourself and others by determining the values and criteria by which you and others make decisions
  • Gain confidence in all situations
  • Learn how to make decisions that are truly right for you
  • Learn how to achieve the goals you want
  • Understand situations from different points of view
  • Recognise the impact of your own and others body language
  • Have a greater understanding and respect for the different ways that people make sense of their experience leading to more choice and influence

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$1,000 USD per person (all profits are donated to SOS Children’s Villages)

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