Welcome to day 3 of your 5 day transformation. I trust that you have been practicing stepping into the belief that “there is no failure only feedback” from yesterday and noticing the effect it has on you and others.

BELIEF 3 – the meaning of the communication is the effect

Have you experienced a moment of frustration when you have carefully explained an idea to someone and they have misunderstood you? Or maybe you have given feedback to someone with the intention of helping them only to find out that they felt angry about what you said?

Both people play a role in this situation and one of them is YOU. Something that you do is allowing the response that you get.

By believing that the meaning of the communication is the effect, you take 100% responsibility for the reactions that you receive and take them as feedback on how you are communicating.

In this way you don’t blame others, you develop your own flexibility, find new ways of communicating and you’ll get new responses

So if you don’t get the response that you want at first, you find new ways of communicating until you do.

Exercise: This of a situation where you the person you were communicating with misunderstood you. How could you have communicated differently to get your message across?