Welcome to day 4 of your 5 day transformation. I trust that you have been practicing stepping into the belief that “the meaning of the communication is the effect” from yesterday and noticing the effect it has on you and others.

BELIEF 4 – There is a solution to every problem

Think of a situation where something went wrong for you. How did you react? Did you blame others? Did you get annoyed with yourself?

Now imagine if you took what happened as feedback and persevered to find a way forward? Just imagine how it would be like to belief that there was a solution to every problem that you ever came across? It will give you motivation to keep trying and confidence in finding a way forward.

There is a solution to ever problem, is at the heart of creativity and helps open your mind to solutions and possibilities.

Exercise: This of a challenge that you may have felt frustrated with or given up on. By stepping into this belief what new options can you identify?