Welcome to day 5 of your 5 day transformation. I trust that you have been practicing stepping into the belief that “there is solution to every problem” from yesterday and noticing the effect it has on you and others.

BELIEF 5 – We have all the resources within us that we will ever need

Our resources include our skills, our attitudes and our beliefs

By believing that we have all the resources that we will ever need we learn how to tap into these resources to achieve what we want.

From the day we are born we are experiencing, learning, experimenting and growing. We learned how to walk, how to talk and how to eat. We have so much talent in our memory bank just waiting for when it might be needed.

So whenever you may doubt your ability to do something – ask yourself “where do I have this resource (confidence, motivation, amusement, detachment…)?” Look within and remember a time when you had the resource to do whatever it is and access it in the present day.

Exercise: Think of a goal that you want for yourself that you have not yet achieved. Ask yourself:

  • What beliefs do you hold about your ability to achieve the goal?
  • What beliefs are limiting you in achieving the goal?
  • What beliefs from the last 5 days might me more useful to hold?