Dealing with making mistakes – a true story!

pp10502037_701591243221761_8397336422097176720_nImagine this – you drive 70 miles (one way) to the nearest passport office to renew your passport and when you get there you realise you’ve forgotten your passport. How do you feel?After 2 minutes of beating myself up, I felt surprisingly calm. We all make mistakes, so here’s some ideas on what you can do:
1. Be good to yourself – It’s no use trying to fight against something you’ve just done when you can’t change the situation. Give yourself time to calm down and regain your composure. Let go and chill out – being upset or angry won’t help!
2. Acknowledge what caused you to do what you did – be honest and don’t blame others. I forgot my passport because although I checked things the night before, I was tired. I had plenty of time to re-check things again in the morning and should have done that.
3. Address the problem – this will help you move on from the problem. Within minutes, I had rearranged my meeting.4. Acceptance – accept that you make mistakes from time to time and take the learnings.5. Recognise what positive came out of the situation – It was a lovely sunny day, I enjoyed the drive and got to see Durham!





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