Chicken or Cheese?


chicken?“Cheese or chicken?…  Cheese or chicken?…Cheese or chicken” ….said the air hostess as she walked down the narrow aeroplane aisle, pushing the food trolley in front of her whilst offering the passengers a bread roll.

Most passengers turn their heads and glance over at her holding up one of the unappealing looking rolls wrapped in cellophane. With little hesitation they make a selection, “Chicken!”

There is a sound of rustling as the rolls are taken out of their wrappers. Top buns are lifted to see exactly what’s inside. Noses are scrunched up as the small bit of something white and fleshy which resembles chicken, pale green limp shredded lettuce and a dollop of a creamy sauce that might possibly be mayonnaise is revealed. Quickly the rolls are closed back up again because it’s not a pretty site, the top buns pressed down firmly and then the rolls bitten into. Within a few large bites they’ve disappeared into unappreciative guts.

The flight is just an hour and the air crew are under pressure to clear the tray tables up before landing. Within minutes it’s like nothing happened. It’ll be easy for the minds to deny the consumption of the roll. But the guts are in absolute misery!

Sound familiar?

Oftentimes boredom, temptation, lack of self control and the inability to say no forces us to eat something that we really don’t want to.  Next time you’re on a flight and you’re offered a snack – think about your real options and make the right choices.

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