Your Most Important Business Venture


My passion is health and fitness and I enjoy lifting heavy weights and sprinting to build a healthy body when I’m not working to build a healthy business pipeline. It takes time, commitment and hard work to grow a successful business and the same goes for a fit and healthy body. Whilst preparing my meals and training plan for the week, I started to realise how many connections there were between business and health and fitness which inspired me to write this post.

Imagine if you treated your health and fitness as your most important business venture and approached it in the same way.

Be committed, be organised, make a plan, make it your passion, do your research and make smart decisions. Investing the right way in your health and fitness will pay big dividends. Here are my tips on how to make health and fitness your most important business venture:

You would never go to an investor for your business without a plan so start your health and fitness lifestyle with just that.

Start by articulating your goals. If you want to get fit, what does that actually mean? What does fit look like? How would it feel to be fit? Make yourself short and long term plans of how you are going to get there and include everything such as nutrition and time to train and prepare food. Before each work out you should have a clear plan of what you will do. As with a business, you’re investing your time so you want to make sure you use the time wisely. By having the right plans in place you will also reduce risk of not achieving your goal.

Before starting a business you gain more knowledge by speaking to industry specialists, lawyers, investors and by learning from other successful businesses.

Speak to a personal trainer, learn from others that keep fit, read professional fitness articles and do on line research to help you with your health & fitness regime. There is so much online that’s very motivating and inspiring. Doing your research and getting professional advice will help you to understand your health and fitness in the same way a CEO would understand their business.

Your business needs feeding constantly to stay ahead. You may stay on top of your game by attending seminars, looking at future growth ideas and also sources to supplement your income.

To stay on top of your health and fitness regime your nutrition is so important in terms of feeding your body the right nutrients. Speak to a nutritionist or personal trainer to help make sure you are getting the right nutrients that your body needs for your training. Without the right nutrients you may bankrupt your body and prevent yourself from achieving your goals. Keeping your nutrition clean will help feed your body in the right way to energise you.

When you start your business you may want to reduce risk by keeping your over heads low. In fact any savings is going to be good for your business right? The more cut backs you can make, no matter how small, the more you will save. The same goes for your health and fitness.

Making small sacrifices constantly like no sugar in your tea and coffee, walking to the train station, reading fitness motivational blogs instead of trawling through mundane facebook feeds – these are all small changes you can make that will help you form new, more useful habits.

In business it’s important to recognise achievements and to be rewarded for hard work.

Each week allow yourself a cheat meal and I mean a meal, not a cheat day or a cheat week. Having a cheat meal will also help prevent cravings.

Think of how many business that failed at the first hurdle and kept going. Someone posted the other day the first rejection letter that the band U2 got but they didn’t give up. No matter what keep going, commit and persist.

When you start on your health and fitness programme there may be set backs. Your weight may fluctuate, you may have a bad day and miss a training session or you may slip up and eat too much cake! With my body building regime it’s not always easy but I keep going and the same goes for building a business. With hard work, commitment and persistence you will see improvements.


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