Your powerful ability called reframing


When you start the day on the wrong foot do you allow that to determine how the rest of your day plans out?

Picture this, you wake up put your slippers on the wrong feet, trip over and think “ugh it’s going to be one of those days”. You then spill milk, burn your toast and can’t find a clean shirt – you’re sure it’s going to be a bad day…..or is it?

You have a very powerful ability called REFRAMING!! You are free to reframe literally any thought you ever have into something more positive. For example if your day started as described above, you could say “the day can only get better!”

Reframing means changing your perspective on a given situation to give it a more positive or beneficial meaning to you. It can be useful in lots of different situations, let me give you a few examples:

In sales: when answering objections (also known as “objection handling“)
In negotiation: reframing both parties so that they come to an agreement faster.
In empowering: reframing people who may lack self-confidence (‘I’ll never make it‘)
There are many different ways to reframe with the 2 basic ones being context and content reframes.

Context Reframe is giving another meaning to a statement by changing the context.

Example: “my 6-years old daughter is too head-strong” “won’t you be happy when she grows up that she will be able to fend for herself?”

Content Reframe is giving another meaning to a statement by recovering more content, which changes the focus.

Example: “My boss always comes to me when he wants someone to deal with this most difficult customer who is also the most important.” “He must trust you so much!”


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