DIY TIPS?! – Tips for challenging tasks


This evening I built a sofa bed! A major achievement for me, with lots of lessons learnt that made me want to post my tips which can be applied to many tasks you may find challenging.

1. Be prepared. It’s better to spend more time up front preparing and understanding what needs to be done rather than jumping straight in.

2. Believe in yourself and your ability. I was adamant that I could do it.

3. Be at cause, not effect! So in my case before blaming the manufacturer for a badly made product looking at what I could do differently.

4. Read instructions carefully and follow them!

5. If things are not going quite right, stop, take a step back and rethink. Or walk away for a few moments and then come back to it.

6. Have fun! Enjoy what you’re doing! I made a few fun DIY videos!

7. Be proud of your achievement (as you can tell I am!) and learn from your mistakes!


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