The Power of being able to say “No”


NoHave you ever noticed that many successful people have little trouble saying “no”? They may do it politely, but they do it and do it often.  It doesn’t mean that they are letting people down or being rude, they are just accepting to themselves and to others that some things are just not right to do at that time.

“No” is a control word that holds a lot of power. When we use it, we’re in control. When we don’t, we’re open to the control of others.

By saying “no”, we guard our time, our efforts and even our money. When we say “yes”, or even “maybe”, it can mean open season on all three. If you’re a “yes-man”—a person who feels obliged to say “yes” to nearly any request for help from nearly anyone—you might be your own worst enemy.

By saying “yes” you may think that you’re helping others but how are you helping yourself? Remember, you need to learn how to be kind to yourself in order to be kind to others.


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